Sunday, January 04, 2009

A (Half) Year in Books

According to my reading log, I read twenty-five books this year, and nothing since I started All Families are Psychotic in July. I certainly didn't read very much in the fall but, as I predicted, my commitment to recording my reading fell off dramatically. There are at least two or three more books that didn't make it onto the journal.

This year I also tried to participate in the Book a Month Challenge, initiated by Katie Dunneback. My participation in the challenge tapered off in July, at about the same time that my reading journal did. The hard part about the challenge wasn't usually reading the book or writing the review, but selecting a title. I had the same problem when I was asked to write a blurb for a new book for the library newsletter at MPOW.

But by August, work of various sorts had consumed all my time, leaving little time for recreational reading, beyond my weekly reading of the Economist.

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